agata powroznik 


Understanding and appreciating the human body inspired Agata to become a Physiotherapist. She has always been involved in physical activities whether it’s an intensive training in the gym, running or dancing. She knows full well the stress a body can go through. During her time of studying, Agata has gained clinical placement experience in four key areas of Physiotherapy, being: Neurology, Musculoskeletal, Cardiovascular, and Gynaecology/Obsterics.

Agata has an innate passion to help educate you on the importance of taking care of yourself by providing personalized treatment plans catered for your lifestyle. Through a postural realignment, together with manual therapy, soft tissue release and corrective exercises, she has a passion to help you get past your pain. Agata is committed to helping you achieve your personal goals while delivering quality treatment.

She has completed a few courses such as Instrumental Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization IASTM, Sport Kinesiology Taping, Dry Needling and Mobilization Techniques. As a qualified massage therapist, she has specialised in Swedish massage, Sport massage, Remedial massage.

In addition, Anti-cellulite Cupping Massage (manual lymphatic draining technique) helps stretch and relax the hardened connective tissue beneath the skin, increasing the local blood supply to the muscles and skin delivers nourishment, next allows the lymphatic system drain away and flush out toxins from the body.

Agata has built up a history of working with people with complex musculoskeletal conditions, athletes, and people post fractures and surgery. She is dedicated to continuing her education and evolving her skills.



25 Finsbury Circus
London EC2M 5QQ


T: 07725 521 804