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Alice first found Pilates over 20 years ago, a welcome balance to her demanding role in Finance. Having tried many different fitness regimes, she found that Pilates was the one commitment in her week that she actively looked forward to.

Before long she started to see and feel the incredible psychological and physical benefits and preached to anyone who would listen! It became a big part of her life and with this passion came the need to know more. The idea of being able to teach and help others blossomed more recently and Alice went on to complete her teacher training.

Alice understands the challenges of looking after your body whilst also leading a hectic and demanding lifestyle. She is passionate about helping you along your own journey, making you feel the best you possibly can.

Alice uses the small equipment in her classes and incorporates a variety of exercises taken from both the traditional Pilates repertoire and the more modern approach to Integrated Functional Movement. Her sessions aim to make Pilates accessible, relevant and most importantly – fun! 


25 Finsbury Circus
London EC2M 7EE


+44 (0) 203 9743932
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