commnuity runs


Begins May 4th, 2021
12:05pm & Fridays at 1:05pm


Finsbury Circus
Meeting Point: Outside 25 Finsbury Circus


Free to attend.
No registration required.

About Community Runs

As the name suggests, community runs are essentially meeting up with people in the local community to go for a run! Our community runs will take place around Finsbury Circus.

Community runs are free, weekly, community events led by certified personal trainer and pilates instructor, Irek Bialek and sponsored by Integrity Centre.

Whether you walk, jog, or run, joining our community runs will enhance your health and happiness in the great outdoors while making new friends, feeling part of your local community and improving your fitness. It’s an opportunity to join others to go out for a run that you wouldn’t otherwise have done on your own!

How long are the runs?

As long as you choose! 

Irek will be available to lead the run for a maximum of 30 minutes. 

If you only want to get out for 1 or 2 quick laps, then that’s all you have to do. If you decide to join us for the full 30 minutes, we’re happy to have you.

What are the benefits of running in a group?

The benefits are enormous. For most of us, getting our trainers on and getting out at lunchtime isn’t our first choice.

What’s better than running alone? Making some of your runs a chance to catch up with others and share a common interest! Committing to run with others can give you that boost that you need to just do it.

When it comes to actually running, you will find you can push yourself harder when running with other people. Having the support of others means you can share the work and motivation!

In our supportive atmosphere, you can overcome any difficulties. We will keep you accountable on a regular basis to help you build or continue with your current running regime.

What should you bring?

All you need is a pair of trainers and some comfortable clothes to run in.

We are FREE to attend, for ALL abilities.

New runners are always welcome – we never leave anyone behind!

Meet the run leader

Irek Bialek

Irek Bialek

Pilates Instructor / Personal Trainer / Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist

Passionate about anatomy, functional movement, and pilates, Irek uses a combination of techniques to help clients achieve their goals. During our Community Runs, Irek will help you build up a pace and push yourself to get better at running.

With many years as a Personal Trainer, Irek has in-depth knowledge of human systems, kinesiology, biomechanics, and health and fitness.

Find out more about Irek’s upcoming classes or courses by sending an email to or send a WhatsApp message to +44 7841 405 746.


25 Finsbury Circus
London EC2M 7EE


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