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For many of us, finding the right therapist can take time and effort. We’re here to make thay journey as easy and as smooth as possible to help you find your best therapist match. At Integrity centre Liverpool street and Moorgate, London, we have and excellent team of energy healers to choose from – each with their own skills and benefits. Let us help you find a therapist!

Gabriela Amato Lastman healing

Gabriela Amato Lastman

Gabriela is a Reiki Master and Diamond Dowser which lends expertise on how the body stores energy. In her practice she combines different healing modalities to suit client’s needs and bring the best result in their lives. She helps people to bring balance to their lives by resolving Earth, environmental, psychic and personal energy issues. Her aim is to inspire and empower people to find success in all aspects of life.

Joanna Sekieta energy healing crystals sound therapy

Joanna Sekieta

Joanna is an urban mystic, a healer and a psychic with years of experience working with various energy healing modalities. Each of her sessions is designed to help clear, align, balance, recharge your energetic body to stimulate the natural flow of energy to accelerate healing and promote wellbeing within mind, body and spirit. 

Samantha Richardson healing therapy

Sonia Ramdev

Sonia is an experienced and qualified Holistic Therapist. She offers a range of therapies to her clients which include Holistic Counselling & Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Reiki energy healing. Her empathetic and compassionate approach provides a safe and non-judgemental space, helping her clients explore and navigate life’s ups and downs.
Alex Monnier reiki healing

Alex Monnier

Alex has naturally developed an affinity with energy work and biofield therapies for over 30 years through the practice of martial arts, breathing techniques and meditation. Patients who are familiar with Reiki call his treatments “incredibly powerful”.


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