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January 8th 2022
18:00pm to 20:00pm


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Beyond New year’s Resolution

Maybe it’s no coincidence that the cultural phenomenon of new years resolutions takes place in the depths of winter. Yes, there is a ‘new year, new beginning’ but beneath that, there is perhaps something deeper, for winter is the stillest part of the year. We are encouraged to go inside and be still and it is in this stillness that we can access our creative potency. Just as the seed underneath the soil has all the creative potential to become the whole tree, so whatever dreams we germinate in the stillness of winter has the potential to blossom into fullness in the warmer active months ahead.

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About the Workshop and Sound Bath

In this two hour workshop, you will explore your dreams and aspirations for the coming year, and then you will go beyond and look at the motivation behind these dreams, because often the changes we wish to make, whether they are in the field of health and wellbeing, work, home life or intimate relationships are motivated by our deep desire to experience more of certain feelings.

More vitality, more unity, more freedom, more peace, more love.

We will endeavour to access these feelings in the here and now in the hope that acting from these states will give us the peace and resilience to not only see things through but also to embrace the surprises that life will inevitably throw at us.

Then we will surrender to the sound of the Gong, Tibetan singing bowls, voice, and other instruments allowing the sounds to nurture and renew us. It is said that the sound of the gong is the sound of Aum. The sound of creation itself. The sound that gave birth to all matter. The complex sonic geometry of the gong is the song of the whole. The dance of the different frequencies and waves is the dance of the relationship of all things. It contains within it information of how one thing relates to another thing, relates to another thing. When we bathe in the sounds of the gong we are simultaneously reminded of the whole and of our place within it; how we relate to all things. We are brought to a place of holistic resonance. That is to say a resonant wholeness of our being within the resounding being of the whole.

Your openness and willingness to explore should make the journey a pleasurable one.

Meet the teacher

Tim Byford

Tim Byford

Gong Practitioner 

Tim is a gong practitioner, musician, and facilitator. He graduated in music and went on to work in the entertainment industry and as a community musician working with the homeless and young people. During this time he also studied hypnotherapy.

In 2010 he was introduced to the gong and was immediately entranced. Initial study with the College of Sound Healing led to the realisation that the field of sacred sound was the perfect fit for his past experience, as a musician, working with people and his interest and deep love of the esoteric. He continued to deepen his knowledge in the way of the gong with multiple trainings with Gong Masters Don Conreaux and Aidan Mcintyre and takes the approach that it is life-long learning.

He currently works with the gong, drum, and other instruments delivering events, workshops, and training. He aims to approach his work with deep care and a sense of playfulness.

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