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irek bialek

Irek Bialek massage pilates yoga


Integrity Centre Liverpool Street
14 Devonshire Row, London EC2M 4RH


Monday          7am – 8pm
Tuesday          7am – 2pm

Wednesday    7am – 8pm
Thursday        7am – 2pm
Friday             7am – 2pm
Saturday – by appointment only


£80     60min
£65     45min
£50     30min


> phone: 07841 405746
> email: irek@integritycentre.co.uk
> website: massageinmoorgate.co.uk

about irek

Irek is an experienced, highly qualified and compassionate sports and remedial massage therapist, personal trainer, and private and group pilates and yoga teacher with a history of military training, parachuting, and running. Using a combination of techniques, Irek tailors his treatments to every client’s individual needs. He is continuously looking for ways to better help his clients and is currently continuing his education by working towards a masters degree in Osteopathy.

Irek uses a combination of myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and soft tissue release techniques to treat a wide range of conditions which include:

chronic and acute back and neck pain
sports injuries and postural imbalances
limited movement and flexibility
breathing problems and restrictions
issues related to post-operative scar tissue

 Massages with Irek can help you to overcome old injuries, speed up recovery from training, or simply help to relax, unwind, and look after your body.

To book a session with Irek, or to ask him any questions regarding the services she provides, please contact him directly or book an appointment using the appointment finder below.

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87 Moorgate
London EC2M 6SA

treatments + pilates

14 Devonshire Row
London EC2M 4RH

yoga studio

25-31 Ironmonger Row
London EC1V 3QW

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