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massage therapy

Massage Therapy is a treatment that aims to relax, revive and heal the body. Using manual hands-on movements and manipulation of the soft tissues and muscles within the body, massage therapy aims to promote healing and enhance a person’s overall well-being.

Many studies have indicated a positive correlation between massage therapy and health benefits such as reduced stress levels, increased relaxation, and lower levels of pain and muscle tension.

At Integrity Centre our massage therapists are trained and certified medical professionals. They can help address issues with chronic pain, pain due to injury, stiffness, or general relaxation.

Find out more about our massage therapists by clicking on their profile and identifying which therapist is best suited to you!

Joanna Sekieta ayurvedic yoga massage

Joanna Sekieta

In a world that’s constantly on the run, Joanna (she/they) is an advocate for rest, practicing close communication with your body and cultivating deep body awareness through constructive rest, stillness, and embodied self-connection. She offers a range of treatments from ayurvedic yoga massage, trauma-informed energy healing, crystal healing & sound therapy.

Alexander Mazniev massage

Remedial Massage Practice – Alexander Mazniev

Alexander possesses a remarkable 13 years of clinical expertise. His area of specialization spans remedial and sports massage, enabling him to seamlessly blend his profound understanding of human anatomy with hands-on practice. 

A close up headshot of Ayurvedic massage therapist Joti Kaur.

Joti Livtar Kaur

Massaging comes naturally to Joti, who finds immense reward in witnessing the smiles on people’s faces after each massage. With a rich background and diverse professional path, Joti possesses a deep understanding of her clients’ struggles, aches, and pains, enabling her to provide a unique and tailored approach to address individual needs.

mick mccleary chronic pain specialist deep tissue massage

Mick McCleary

Mick is a Deep Tissue Injury massage practitioner, specialising in fixing people with chronic pain conditions. Equipped with certifications and training in Level III and IV Personal Training, Level 1 and 2 PICP Strength & Conditioning, Active Release Technology (A.R.T), and the Bodytool, Mick is able to treat acute/chronic injuries and pain in his clients.

Aristea Zougri massage

Aitan Gardoni

Aitan is a fully qualified Shiatsu and body-mind acupressure, JSD® Therapist and Teacher with over 15 years experience. They uses a person-focused approach as well as techniques such mindfulness, self-hypnosis and trance to help their clients.

Aristea Zougri massage

Aristea Zougri

Aristea is dedicated to providing indulgent and personalised treatments to her clients. Aristea is very caring, nurturing and ethical practitioner who does her utmost to provide a relaxing environment for her clients. 

Irek Bialek massage pilates yoga

Greg Bajor

With a passion for holistic healing, Greg specialises in a variety of massage techniques tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Offering a range of treatments including relaxing massage, deep tissue massage, Indian head massage, and hot stone massage, he creates customised experiences aimed at relieving tension, reducing stress, and restoring balance to the body and mind. 

Irek Bialek massage pilates yoga

Irek Bialek

Passionate about anatomy, functional movement and soft tissue manipulation, Irek uses a combination of techniques to help clients achieve their goals. Whether you are training for a marathon, recovering from injury, or simply needing to relax and release unwanted tension, Irek will help you.

Sergii Mazunin massage

Remedial Massage Practice – Sergii Mazunin

Sergii, our principal therapist, expertly melds Eastern and Western massage modalities, with a particular emphasis on remedial massages. Moreover, he offers reflexology, further diversifying his therapeutic arsenal.


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