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milena kadziela

Milena Kadziela psychotherapy coaching astrology


Integrity Centre Liverpool Street
14 Devonshire Row, London EC2M 4RH


Monday         9am – 3pm (online)
Tuesday         9am – 3pm (online)
Wednesday   8am – 3pm (in person)
Thursday       9am – 3pm (online)
Friday            8am – 3pm (in person)


FREE     20min clarity call
£175    50min weekly psychotherapy session
£255    75min fortnightly psychotherapy session

about milena

Milena Kadziela, an adept embodied psychotherapist and transformational coach with two decades of counselling experience, blends integrative, scientific, and soulful approaches deeply rooted in body awareness.

Driven by her personal journey of psychological and spiritual growth, Milena empowers clients to heal from trauma, anxiety, low self-esteem, and shame. Her creative and warm methodology fosters awareness of outdated beliefs and behavioural patterns, providing clients with tools for recovery and healing.

With reverence for the body’s wisdom, Milena guides clients towards intuitive truths and inherent human value. Drawing from nature’s cyclical wisdom, ancestral heritage, and cosmic intelligence, she integrates astrology into her practice to offer profound insights into life’s paths and purposes.

gestalt psychotherapy & holistic counselling

Our inner work… the hidden and unglamorous parts… that’s where our power lies.

Get support to work with insecurities, longings and challenges. Be guided through life transitions and be held in a safe space where your feelings are un-shamed and you connect with the intelligence within your unique experience. 

Psychotherapy can help with the process of birthing something new into life.

Here’s what you can expect and enjoy in this service:

  • Psychological exploration using psychotherapy and psychology to support you on a path that leads to greater self-awareness, growth and personal development
  • Astrological analysis of the blueprint for your life cycles and themes using evolutionary, archetypal, experiential and psychological astrology
  • Somatic coaching, an embodied practice that helps regulate the nervous system and creates safety on a cellular level. Here’s where we get to explore the science of epigenetics
  • Creative expression provides an opportunity to dive into art making, observing metaphors and archetypes. We’ll also harness visualisation to take you into the realm of your wildest dreams… where anything is possible
  • Soulful practices and rituals allow us to work with the energies of the Moon and its phases to allow a more harmonious approach to leading a fuller and more impactful life
  • The female body and its cycles invite the exploration and celebration of the arc of a woman’s life in a holistic way – embrace the power of your flow
  • Embodied intelligence practices that facilitate a reclamation of your body, your somatic wisdom, your sensuality and your pleasure. Moving beyond unhealthy and limiting narratives and exploring the depths of connection with your beautiful body.

Traditionally therapy focuses on what’s wrong and not working rather than on one’s resourcefulness, aliveness and inner wisdom. This is what makes Milena’s approach unique and highly effective with her clients. 

Milena works on UNSHAMING those parts of you that society tends to judge, condemn and pigeonhole into black-and-white boxes of “right” and “wrong”. No more self-censoring yourself and disconnecting from the parts you’ve been conditioned to hide and be ashamed of…  

Deep holistic Psychotherapy provides you with the space and tools to GROW THROUGH THEM rather than transcending or ignoring them (as many of us try to do). 

There is an incredible intelligence in your way of being. This style of transformation invites, encourages and supports you to work with it rather than against it… And when you do you can truly integrate and transform. 

areas of specialty include:

building capacity to experience life fully
◆ confidence & self-esteem
◆ expanding your presence in the world
◆ life transitions
◆ inner critic and shame resilience
◆ imposter syndrome
◆ trauma treatment and post-traumatic growth
◆ reconnecting with the body and its wisdom
◆ regulation of the nervous system
◆ stress management
◆ menstrual cycle awareness
◆ aligning with your inner compass
◆ anxiety & fear
◆ depression and low energy states
◆ limiting mindset and beliefs

qualifications & registrations:

>  Accredited by the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)
>  Accredited by the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)
> Masters in Developmental Psychology (MA)
>  Masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy (MA)
>  Postgraduate Diploma in Individual & Group Psychotherapy (PGDip)
>  Trauma-Informed Somatic Practitioner & Educator Certification
>  Somatic Coaching for Women’s Wellness Certification
>  Certified Professional Astrologer Mastery Programme
>  KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher (KYTA)
>  KRI Certified Mother’s Journey Pre & Postnatal Mentor (KYTA)
>  Somatic Institute For Women Certified Coach

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87 Moorgate
London EC2M 6SA

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14 Devonshire Row
London EC2M 4RH

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