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Integrity Centre Moorgate
87 Moorgate, London EC2M 6SA


Monday              9.30am – 6.30pm (online)
Tuesday             8.30am – 4.00pm (online)
                           5.15pm – 8.15pm (in person + online)
Wednesday       8.30am – 6.30pm (online)
Thursday           9.30am – 5.30pm (online)
Friday                9.30am – 5.30pm (online)
Other days available upon request.


free      15min discovery call
£125     80min initial consultation
£85       50min follow up session

£255     3 x sessions package (Initial consultation + 2 x follow up sessions)


> phone: 073 7905 7264
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about nicole

Nicole is a fully qualified homeopath registered with the Society of Homeopaths. She offers a safe space to explore a natural and gentle alternative to conventional drugs in acute and chronic illnesses: Homeopathy is a well-regulated and safe form of medicine with little or no side effects. Nicole’s aim is to empower individuals of all ages to better navigate the high-pressured work and social environment of our modern urban lifestyle. During your time of treatment, Nicole will consider all your symptoms at all levels of your being, be it emotional, mental or physical.

Nicole’s learning journey with homeopathy began in her twenties when looking to address the issues underlying her chronic hay-fever. A few years later, homeopathy was a great companion during her pregnancy, especially by manoeuvring her through the sometimes harsh reality of working on a London trading floor.

After finishing her Masters degree at ESCP-EAP (now called ESCP Europe) and City University, Nicole worked in Finance for almost five years. Subsequently, whilst exploring more about the science and art of Homeopathy, she enjoyed being a full-time mother of 3. During this time of transition, she also co-founded a fermented drinks business with two friends, until finally completing her Homeopathy degree at the School of Homeopathy (

Nicole was born and grew up in Berlin, spent several years in France and has lived most of her adult life in the UK. Her husband is French and their 3 children are brought up tri-lingual. She has an urban and European identity – a true Londoner!

In her free time, Nicole practices Pilates, qi gong and meditation. She also loves gardening, singing and listening to live music. Her personal heroine is Captain Marvel.

areas of special interest:

◆ chronic back pain
◆ neck or wrist pain
◆ frequent viral infections
◆ anxiety
◆ sleeplessness
◆ fatigue and stress
◆ concentration problems
◆ addiction
◆ depression

qualifications & registrations:

> Higher Diploma Course in Homeopathy
> Foundation Course in Homeopathy
> Anatomy & Physiology (NVQ Level 3)
> Pathology and Disease (NVQ Level 4)

To book a session with Nicole, or to ask her any questions regarding the services she provides, please contact her directly or book an appointment using the appointment finder below.

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