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Pilates is a series of exercises designed to stretch and strengthen your muscles, and regular practice can help you achieve your goals, whatever your age or level of fitness. One key benefit is to develop your core, which improves co-ordination, posture and balance. At Integrity, we are big believers in taking what you learn in the studio and applying it to your everyday life. Whether you’re after regular mat classes, private tuition, or are keen to try out Reformer and other pilates apparatus, our instructors will work with you to achieve your physical potential. 

Check the online timetable for the most up to date class schedule. All classes must be booked in advance via the online booking portal.

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private pilates

Through a postural and movement assessment with Alice or Irek, you can find what it is that your body needs to move more effortlessly and efficiently.

If you are recovering from injuries, have bad posture, a painful back, sore neck or shoulders, or chronic body pain or stiffness, a 1:1 Pilates session can help you. For keen athletes, bespoke programs can be an excellent way to improve your performance and safeguard against injury.


pilates equipment beginners' course

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New to Pilates Equipment? Our six week semi-private beginners' courses work to improve your mobility and strengthen your core stability using a variety of pilates apparatus including the Reformer, Wunda Chair, and the Tower. With a maximum of three students per class, you will receive personal, hands-on attention by the teacher, ensuring correct form and quality of movement. This course is an incredible value £180 for six weekly sessions, including a 30 minute private session and consultation with your teacher to ensure that you get the most out of the course.

pilates beginners' course

Check upcoming dates

New to Pilates? Our six week Pilates Beginners’ Courses will introduce you to the many fitness and health benefits of Pilates. You will learn the fundamentals of Pilates, primarily how to perform exercises safely and correctly, and how to use your breath. We will also address individual clients' postures and teach you a variety of modifications so that you may practice in the most effective way for your body. The course is ideal for individuals with little or no experience of Pilates. It is also great for those looking to review the fundamentals or deepen their existing practice. This course will prepare you to join any of our general level Pilates classes held regularly throughout the week.


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