private 1:1 sessions

Private sessions of 1:1 Yoga and Pilates offers the ultimate experience in which you receive the highest benefit.

senior yoga teachers

Alina Bialek

Alina is a living and breathing example of the positive benefits yoga can bring to ones life. It is her passion to share these benefits with you. Her private Yoga sessions will help you find powerful and self-affirming healing and energy, better sleep, and a calmer more peaceful life.

junior yoga teachers

Michal Golba

Michal loves helping others discover the range of their abilities. He especially enjoys seeing the transformation that occurs when they understand and implement the fundamentals of asanas, enabling them to find balance and harmony in their practice and life.

Joanna Scibior yoga

Joanna Scibior

Joanna is an enthusiastic and kind-hearted person who loves to see others thrive, which shines through her teaching. She will meet you at your level of your yoga journey and embrace you into a warm and inclusive space where you will feel safe to blossom. 

Anastasia Tkachenko

Anastasia’s style and character of teaching are equally creative, philosophical and structured. Integrating elements of Yang – fiery and energetic and/or Yin – slower and deeper poses; as well as prayanama, meditation and touch – all to facilitate emotional and physical release.

Joanna Scibior yoga

Sandra Sapeta

Sandra believes in empowering and supporting her students to reach their fullest potential through her classes, which are designed for all levels. She provides asana variations, hands-on-adjustments, as well as a head massage for deep relaxation at the end.

Juliet Benini

Juliet uses her creativity to sequence fun and challenging Vinyasa flows that are sure to bring the practitioner out of the mind & into the body. Students can expect precise anatomical alignment, hands-on adjustments, breath-work, immersive music and multi-sensory relaxation. The approach is empathetic, encouraging, playful and suited to all levels.


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