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sonia ramdev



Integrity Centre Liverpool Street
14 Devonshire Row, London EC2M 4RH


Thursday      2.15pm – 8.15pm (in person + online)

Other times available upon request.


free    15min initial consultation
£75     55min session
£210    block of 3 sessions
£400   block of 6 sessions


> phone: 07817 032 512
> email: sonia@diyawithin.co.uk
> website: www.diyawithin.co.uk

about sonia

Sonia is a qualified and experienced Holistic Counsellor. Her empathetic and compassionate approach provides a safe and non-judgemental space, helping her clients unpack life’s difficulties. We know life can be demanding, and having support and techniques to manage stress can significantly improve our mental and emotional health.

Taking a holistic approach, Sonia likes to explore all aspects of her client’s wellbeing, which includes their mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual parts of them. By looking at the whole picture, Sonia and her client will explore any limiting thoughts, release any stuck emotions, understand the impact on the nervous system and the breath, allowing her client to feel safe and supported. This process allows her clients to gain a greater sense of self awareness, tap into their own inner wisdom and feel more empowered to drive positive changes in their life.

Sonia was trained at the London Holistic Healing College and has 3 years of experience working with clients on a regular basis. Alongside traditional talking therapy, Sonia brings in a number of holistic modalities which are tailored based on your your individual needs, however some examples may include Emotional Freedom Technique (‘Tapping’), Hypnotherapy, Parts work, Mindfulness & visualisations.

areas of specialty include:

◆ stress & anxiety management
◆ overcoming confidence & self steem blocks
◆ overcoming limiting beliefs & phobias
◆ increasing sense of self awareness & potential
◆ overcoming loss & grief
◆ balancing energy within
◆ spiritual journey support

qualifications & registrations:

> Diploma in Spiritual Counselling with the Holistic Healing College
> Diploma in Hypnotherapy with the London College of Hypnotherapy
> Reiki Level 1 & 2

To book a session with Sonia, or to ask her any questions regarding the services she provides, please contact her directly or use the appointment finder below.

book an appointment with sonia

How to Book:


1. Select the type of session you’d like to have.

2. Select the date you’d like to have your session and hit ‘Search’.

2. Choose from the available time slots.

3. Proceed through the Mind Body checkout.

4. All the payments are processed by therapists directly.


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