yoga and wellness retreat

4 days of secluded and luxurious yoga and wellness.


Friday 27th August – Monday 30th August 2021

All-Inclusive Yoga, Wellness and Revitalisation Retreat

Do you love to escape the city to experience simplicity, close to nature? Are you ready to dive into an all-inclusive, luxe, pampering weekend away that you deserve oh-so-much? If you’ve answered yes to all of these questions, this retreat is absolutely right for you!

The Manor, located on the edge of The Surrey Hills, is a historic country house estate believed to date back to the 16th century. At this stunning estate, we will enjoy four days of daily yoga, pilates, meditation, and transformational workshop in the beautiful nature surrounding the land.

Each day will be started by a yoga session and a healthy breakfast, followed by a 2-hour Mind-Gym Transformational Workshop. Afternoons will feature Pilates, a delicious lunch, and plenty of time to unwind with sports & remedial and deep tissue massages available to book.

In the evenings, guided meditations and sound healings will take place.

This yoga and wellness retreat will allow you to deeply connect with your inner landscape and the landscape around you, meet like-minded new friends, and explore your potential with inspirational, skilled facilitators who will support you throughout the weekend. Senior Yoga Teacher, Alina Bialek together with her husband Irek Bialek, Pilates instructor and Massage Therapist, make the perfect couple to treat you throughout the weekend.

You will be warmly welcomed to join us at this secluded and luxurious estate.


  • From £1000 per person.

Location: Surrey, UK

When: Friday 27th August to Monday 30th August 2021

What’s Included?

  • Daily Yoga, Meditation & Pilates
  • Daily Transformational Workshop
  • Gong Bath Relaxation
  • 1x 45min Massage
  • 3 Nights Private Accommodation
  • 3 Vegan/Vegetarian Meals per day (Breakfast, lunch & dinner) from Private Chef
  • All Yoga & Pilates Equipment
  • Swimming pool access
  • Sauna access
  • Gym access

Not included: Additional Treatments

Additonal Treatments:

  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Sports & Remedial Massage


  • £75 for 60mins
  • £45 for 30mins

Treatment: Sports & Remedial Massage

Despite the name, Sports & Remedial Massage isn’t just for athletes – it can actually benefit everyone!

In this specialized, dynamic deep tissue massage, problem areas are identified in the soft tissues (muscles, joints, fascia ligaments, tendons), and customized treatment is provided, leaving you with fewer aches and painsless stress, and a heightened mood.

Treatment: Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is best for giving attention to certain painful “trouble spots” in your body and provides a full-body relaxation experience.

Slow, deliberate strokes that focus pressure on layers of muscles, tendons or other tissues deep under your skin are used to relieve chronic patterns of tension and help with muscle injuries. Sink into deep relaxation with calming music, massage oils, and lavender oil.


Yoga and wellness retreat is inclusive of a deliciously cooked, healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Vegan and vegetarian options will be available. We suggest no alcohol throughout the weekend. If you have any allergies or dietary preferences, please let us know.


  • Internet
  • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Cinema
  • Gym
  • Shower Room
  • Sauna
  • Steam Room
  • Quiet and secluded areas for calming walks
  • Therapy Room
  • Treatments


Nestled in the rolling hills of the lush, English countryside, the Manor features beautifully landscaped gardens and grounds and plenty of outdoor space for our revitalisation retreat. On the property can be found a natural swimming pond free of chemicals, a quiet and relaxing sun terrace, a wooden gazebo in the middle of the lake, and plenty of peaceful gardens.


Accommodations are exquisitely renovated, exposing original wooden beams, allowing for ample natural light, and are furnished with elegant pieces to ensure your time here is comfortable and memorable.

Main House: Bedroom 1

Single occupancy: £2850
Double occupancy: £1500 per person
Includes ensuite washroom.

Main House: Bedroom 2

Single occupancy: £2650
Double occupancy: £1400 per person
Includes ensuite washroom.

Main House: Bedroom 4

Single occupancy: £1675
Double occupancy: £1000 per person
Includes ensuite washroom.

Main House: Bedroom 6

Single occupancy:  Not available
Double occupancy: £1875 per person
Triple occupancy: £1500 per person
Includes ensuite washroom.

Cottage House: Bedroom 2

Single occupancy: £2275
Double occupancy:  £1500 per person
Includes ensuite washroom.

retreat program

Day 1

3:00pm: Arrival 

5:30pm: Welcome Yoga with Alina

6:30pm: Dinner

7:30pm: Meet and Greet party

Day 2

8:00am: Yoga with Alina

9:30am: Breakfast

10:00am: Break, Treatments available

1:30pm: Mind-Gym: Transformational Workshop

2:30pm: Lunch

3:30pm: Break, Treatments available

6:30pm: Pilates with Irek

7:30pm: Dinner

8:00pm: Evening activities for everyone

Day 3

8:00am: Yoga with Alina

9:30am: Breakfast

10:00am: Mind-Gym: Transformational Workshop

12:00pm: Break, Treatments available

1:30pm: Pilates with Irek

2:30pm: Lunch

3:00pm: Break, Treatments available

5:00pm: Meditation

7:30pm: Dinner

8:00pm: Gong Bath Relaxation

Day 4

8:00am: Yoga with Alina

9:30am: Breakfast

10:00am: Mind-Gym: Transformational Workshop

12:00pm: Break, Treatments available

1:30pm: Pilates with Irek

2:30pm: Goodbye Lunch

3:00pm: Treatments available/Departure

Yoga with Alina

Alina is a living and breathing example of the positive benefits yoga can bring to one’s life. It’s her passion to share these benefits with you. With Alina, you will find powerful and self-affirming healing, better sleep, and a calmer more peaceful life, as well as the intelligent strengthening and conditioning of the body. Using Yoga, you will deepen the connection of your mind, body, and spirit.

Pilates with Irek

Irek is an enthusiastic and energetic Pilates teacher, with a background as a Sports and Remedial massage therapist and Personal Trainer. His classes are accessible to all, from beginners and those recovering from injuries to more advanced students. He’ll guide you through a series of exercises designed to stretch and strengthen your muscles, develop your core, improve coordination, posture, and balance.

Mindfulness/Meditation with Alina

Alina will lead guided meditation sessions so that you can be present in the here and now, fully engaged in the moment. Train in awareness, learn to observe your thoughts without judgment and lower your stress levels.

Mind-Gym: Transformational Workshop

This 2-hour daily transformational workshop will focus on your past, present, and future selves. Working through group and solo exercises, you will learn more about yourself, develop and deeper understanding of those around you, and create a new level of awareness of your mental wellbeing.

Gong Bath Relaxation

Another tool to help you let go even more and drift deeper into a state of relaxation is the Gong Bath Relaxation. A form of sound healing meditation, this passive mode of meditation is practiced laying down while being immersed in the rich sounds of a gong. “Tune” your body and aid in restoring harmony and resonance throughout. No knowledge or experience is required.

Evening Activities

Enjoy the evening with activities to break the ice with fellow retreat guests and get to know your hosts.


Each day, you’ll have a few breaks to allow you to reflect and unwind – book yourself in for a sports & remedial or deep tissue massage, spend some time in the sauna or swimming pool, or take a decompressing walk around the calming gardens.


Alina Bialek

Senior Yoga Teacher / Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist

Alina is a Senior Yoga Teacher, teaching for over 10 years across top yoga studios and yoga retreats in London and abroad. Alina aims to impact peoples’ lives by creating a safe space for them to reset their minds and body, changing their lives in a short period of time. During retreats, Alina skillfully uses Yoga as a way to help others improve physical health and to connect the mind, body, and spirit.

Over the past 7 years, Alina has been also seeing up to 40 clients per week as a therapist. She helps people from all walks of life with mental health problems, improving their general health and wellbeing, building confidence, and much more. During her retreats, she uses her Mind-Gym transformational workshop to others understand themselves better.

Irek Bialek

Pilates Teacher / Personal Trainer / Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist

Irek has been teaching Pilates on yoga and wellness retreats for over 5 years now, as well as in yoga studios across London. Currently, with Alina, Irek has opened Integrity Centre, where he teaches both group classes and private sessions. During retreats, Irek will bring more strength and awareness into your body and assist with postural alignment.

Throughout the retreat, Irek will also be available for massage bookings. Holding the highest available qualification in massage therapy and currently furthering his training to become an osteopath, Irek will be taking you to the next level of relaxation.

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