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yoga retreat in tenerife

September 2024


5 days of yoga, relaxation, and total immersion with a group of like-minded and fun people

surrounded by the beautiful island

All-Inclusive Yoga, Relaxation, and Walking Retreat in Tenerife in September 2024

Are you in need of some guilt-free self-indulgence this year; the chance to fully immerse yourself in relaxation mode? How about enjoying freshly prepared healthy meals, experiencing daily yoga and meditations? Or perhaps you may want to escape the city scares that we’ve encountered in the last two years? If you’ve answered yes to all these questions, this retreat is right for you! Create the time for yourself you know you deserve whilst improving your energy levels in both your mind and body and enroll for our retreat on the sunny Canary Island of Tenerife this summer, September 2024.

Immerse yourself in this experience of Yoga, wellness, relaxation, walking, and the beautiful warm weather of the island. With great hosts, a fantastic group of people who are open-minded and ready to have a lot of fun, this retreat is the perfect place to sustain and improve your health and wellness whilst making many unforgettable moments and new memories together!

Villa Ginevra is a very spacious villa offering excellent views of the sea and mountains, located in the quiet village of Chayofa, near Arona, in the south of Tenerife. At this beautiful villa, you will enjoy five days of daily yoga, relaxation, walks (to and from nearby beaches), a self-awareness workshop, and pamper nights on the beautiful and peaceful island. Each day will be started by a yoga session and a healthy breakfast, followed by a 90-minute Self-Awareness Workshop. Afternoons will feature walks, a delicious lunch, and plenty of time to unwind with sports & remedial and deep tissue massages, and mini facial pamper sessions available to book. In the evenings, gentle yoga and relaxation sessions will take place; be prepared for the best night’s sleep!

This yoga and wellness retreat will allow you to deeply connect with your inner landscape as well as the landscape around you, meet like-minded people and make new friends, whilst exploring your potential with inspirational, skilled facilitators who will support you throughout the long-weekend. Senior Yoga Teacher, Alina Bialek together with her husband Irek Bialek, Pilates and Yoga Instructor and Massage Therapist, make the perfect hosts for this retreat. With over 7 years of experience in running and hosting these retreats together, they are guaranteed to show you an exciting and memorable time this June 2023

You will be warmly welcomed to join us at this private and peaceful villa.


  • £850 per person                                            shared with 1 person; 2 single beds 
  • £1550 per person                                          single accommodation; 1 double bed


Arona, Tenerife, Spain


September 2024

What’s Included?

  • 2 Yoga Classes per day
  • Daily Self-Awareness Workshop
  • 1x 30min Massage
  • 4 Nights Accommodation
  • 3 Vegan/Vegetarian Meals per day (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
  • Swimming Pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Sauna
  • 2x Walking Trips

Not included:

Flights, Taxi Services, Additional Treatments, and Yoga Mats / Blocks

Additional Treatments:

  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Sports & Remedial Massage
  • Facial with Tropic products


  • £75 for 60mins (massage)
  • £45 for 30mins (massage)
  • £50 for 45mins (facial, starter kit included worth £28)

Treatment: Deep Tissue or Sports & Remedial Massage

Deep tissue massage is best for giving attention to certain painful “trouble spots” in your body and provides a full-body relaxation experience.

Slow, deliberate strokes that focus pressure on layers of muscles, tendons, or other tissues deep under your skin are used to relieve chronic patterns of tension and help with muscle injuries. Sink into deep relaxation with calming music, massage oils, and lavender oil.

Despite the name, Sports & Remedial Massage isn’t just for athletes – it can actually benefit everyone staying active!

In this specialized, dynamic massage, problem areas are identified in the soft tissues (muscles, joints, fascia ligaments, tendons), and customized treatment is provided, leaving you with fewer aches and painsless stress, and a heightened mood.

Treatment: Facial with Tropic Skincare

Experience ultimate relaxation with a facial session using natural skincare, Tropic, delivered to you on Day 1 of the retreat. Using natural and toxin-free skincare, these sessions are a  guaranteed success to feel beautiful from within and glowing on the outside. Sessions after Day 1 will available as an additional treatment.

These facial treatments are great for all skin types as all products used a chemical-free and non-abrasive; let your skin experience the pampering it needs and deserves!


Yoga and relaxation retreat is inclusive of a deliciously cooked, healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Vegan / vegetarian options will be available. We suggest no alcohol throughout the retreat. If you have any allergies or dietary preferences, please let us know.

Walking Trips

Walk around the beautiful island and along the volcanic sandy beaches on this relaxation retreat. Take advantage of the warm and sunny weather Tenerife has to offer! 


  • Internet / WiFi
  • Swimming Pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Shower Room
  • Sauna
  • Quiet and secluded areas for calming walks
  • Treatments
  • Air-Conditioning
  • BBQ Grill
  • Patio / Balcony
  • Garden
  • Nearby Beaches

Want to find out more information? Request a call and a member of our team will be in touch!


Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a beautiful port situated in Tenerife, the largest of the western islands in the Canary archipelago. Take advantage of the stunning views this island has to offer. Well-preserved buildings in its old town include the colonial Church of the Immaculate Conception, the 1700s Palacio de Carta,  and the Museum of Nature and Man. Around its important port are wide avenues, squares, and exotic landscaped areas, not forgetting some beautiful examples of modernist architecture. 

You will be welcomed to Villa Ginevra where you can experience the ultimate relaxation. With large open floors, both inside and outside, there are two designated areas to practice yoga in the shade and in the sun on the open terraces. The Villa is a great walking distance to Las Americas and Los Cristianos; towns with cultures you do not want to miss, making this the perfect location for our Yoga and Walking Retreat.


Accommodations are beautifully decorated to match the serenity and peacefulness of the retreat, exposing the naturalistic open views of the stunning villa and calming seas, ensuring that your time here is relaxing and memorable.

Single Accommodation

Price: £1550 per person

Shared Accommodation

£850 per person

retreat programme

Day 1

12:00pm: Arrival to Santa Cruz de Tenerife (taxi services available)

13:30pm: Lunch

14:00pm: BREAK; Relax, Treatments, and Pool Time

17:00pm: Welcome Yoga with Alina

18:00pm: Dinner

19:00pm: Facial Pamper Night with Tropic Skincare

Day 2

8:00am: Yoga with Alina

9:30am: Breakfast

10:00am: Self-Awareness Workshop

11:30am: BREAK; Treatments, Pool Time

13:30pm: Lunch

14:30pm: Walk / Trip

18:00pm: Taxi back to Villa

18:30pm: Gentle Yoga with Relaxation

19:30pm: Dinner

20:00pm: BREAK; Treatments, Pool Time

Day 3

8:00am: Yoga with Alina

9:30am: Breakfast

10:00am: Self-Awareness Workshop

11:30am: BREAK; Treatments, and Pool Time

13:30pm: Lunch

14:30pm: Gentle Yoga with Relaxation

15:30pm: Walk to the Beach

16:30pm: Taxi back to Villa

19:30pm: Dinner

20:00pm: BREAK; Treatments, and Pool Time

Day 4

8:00am: Yoga with Alina

9:30am: Breakfast

10:00am: Self-Awareness Workshop

11:30am: BREAK; Treatments, Pool Time

13:30pm: Lunch

14:30pm: BREAK; Treatments, Relax

17:00pm: Gentle Yoga with Relaxation

18:30pm: Dinner 

19:00pm: Chill and Party

Day 5

8:00am: Yoga with Alina

9:30am: Breakfast

10:00am: Self-Awareness Workshop

11:30am: Break

13:30pm: Goodbye Lunch

14:30pm: BREAK; Treatments, Relax

17:00pm: Dinner 

18:00pm: Departure to Airport

Yoga with Alina and Irek

Your teacher will guide you through a 90mins upbeat Vinyasa Flow class which is guaranteed to leave you feeling energised, lively, and sweaty! Expect a stimulating sequence with hands-on adjustments and focus on breathwork with music. Alina and Irek are living and breathing examples of the positive benefits yoga can bring to one’s life. It’s their passion to share these benefits with you. These morning Yoga sessions will definitely set your mindest in the right mode for you to conquer the rest of the day full of activities, walking, relaxation, and some pampering!

Yoga in the Evening with Alina

Alina will lead guided evening yoga sessions so that you can be present in the here and now, fully engaged in the moment. This yoga class will be gentle with relaxation and more peaceful, allowing your nervous system to totally relax and feel calm; expect a great night’s sleep after this yoga session! 


Each day, you’ll have a few breaks to allow you to reflect and unwind – book yourself in for a relaxing massage or pampering session, spend some time in the sauna or swimming pool, or take a decompressing walk around the sunny island.

Pamper Night

Enjoy a 90-minute facial pamper session on Day 1 of retreat using Tropic Skincare; natural and toxin-free products – your skin is definitely going to thank you! Treat yourself throughout the retreat to pamper nights (pamper sessions after Day 1 will be an additional treatment).

Self-Awareness Workshop

This 90mins self-awareness workshop will focus on your past, present, and future selves. Working through group and solo exercises, you will learn more about yourself, develop and deeper understanding of those around you, and create a new level of awareness of your mental wellbeing.

Walking Trips

Connect with yourself and nature as you walk on and develop a mindfulness practice on the beautiful Santa Cruz de Tenerife island.

Increasing your mindful awareness will bring added appreciation to your walking and to the landscape.

As well as long walks to the beautiful beaches, the retreat will also offer the chance to experience practices that include slow walking and walking without an objective; increased time for nature connection and really observing the natural world around you; as well as practices that involve walking in nature as a tool for personal reflection and contemplation.

Chloe, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Psychotherapist will help you to develop and extend your mindful experience during your walking trips on this retreat.

Evening Activities

Enjoy the evening with activities to break the ice with fellow retreat guests and get to know your hosts.

*to reap the full rewards of the retreat, you must take part in all elements of the retreat


Alina Bialek

Senior Yoga Teacher 

Alina is a Senior Yoga Teacher, teaching for over 10 years across top yoga studios, yoga retreats, workshops, and teacher trainings. Yoga with Alina morning sessions is aimed to be a vigorous class (expect to get sweaty!) where she will help you learn breathing techniques, a better alignment, and ways to increase your focus – all skills which can be used and are encouraged to be utilised in your daily life, not just yoga.  In the evening, her classes will aim to calm your parasympathetic nervous system in a gentler and more relaxing practice, you will learn through her guidance how to fully immerse yourself into deep relaxation. 

Alina Bialek

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist

Alina’s passion is to deepen your self-awareness and self-ability to create a mentally healthy lifestyle. In the 90-minute daily workshops, you will be able to rediscover who you truly are and create the necessary shift to go towards the direction of where you want to be. Alina has been a clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist for over 7 years and has a deep passion for psychology and how our minds can work to improve our mood and health. She is also a hypnotherapist supervisor and the proud owner of Integrity Centre. She can help you rest your mind and realise your true potential, whether that be in your personal life or professional life. This retreat is more than just a holiday, its purpose is to treat you to the relaxation you greatly deserve and help you rediscover your inner self.

Irek Bialek

Deep Tissue and Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist

Irek holds a BTEC Level 5 Professional Diploma in Sports Massage and Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy Diploma from the North London School of Sports Massage (NLSSM), the highest level in the profession.

Irek uses his in-depth knowledge of anatomy, functional movement, and soft tissue manipulation to provide pain and stress relief to his clients. He has had over 5 years of experience in yoga retreats and is the proud owner of Integrity Centre. During the retreat, Irek will bring more strength and awareness into your body and assist with postural alignment. Irek will also be available for massage bookings throughout the five-day retreat. Holding the highest available qualification in massage therapy and currently furthering his training to become an osteopath, Irek will be taking you to the next level of relaxation.

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